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Selecting options for your new deck design should be a fun experience.

Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC will meet with you and discuss what your top priorities are for your new deck, so we can design and build a deck that will fulfill your requirements and perfectly suit your lifestyle. You can see by looking at this page there are a lot of decking options for you to choose from.

The best way to start is to identify how you will use your new deck; keep in mind the possibility of adding onto your deck in the future with a multi-level deck design. The advantage of a multi-level design is that you can build a basic deck with high quality materials now, and then add onto it in the future with another interconnected level. You've got ideas too, let's talk them over!



Composite decking is one of the most popular alternative decking products available and is longer lasting than a traditional wood deck. It is generally made from recycled products such as sawdust, wood chips, and wood fiber pieces and combined with plastic components like used plastic milk jugs and shopping bags. Composite decking is very environmentally friendly; every 20 feet of decking contains about 30 pounds of material that would have ended up in a landfill.

Natural Cedar

Natural Cedar decking has a lot going for it; the look, smell and feel of Cedar, plus the traditional beauty of real wood. Cedar is also naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks. A full range of both penetrating and film-forming finishes are available for cedar decks. Penetrating finishes reach deep into the grain of the wood to provide better overall performance. They are the easiest type of finish to maintain and reapply.

Pressure Treated

Preserved wood decking extends forest resources, allowing one tree to do the work of many. In addition to enabling wood to last a long time or resist flames or mold. Treated with a copper-based preservative and an efficacious fungicide, this wood is ideal for applications including decks, retaining walls, fences, walkways, sill plate and structural members.


Railing can be made of the same material as the decking, but because the railing and uprights are harder to apply finish to and maintain, aluminum railings and balusters (upright spindles) are often used on decks in Minnesota. Aluminum railings and balusters are available with a thick powder-coated finish that looks great and offers long-lasting performance with a minimum effort to maintain.


Built-in low voltage lighting makes your deck more useful and also adds safety for use at night. Lighting can be incorporated into the post caps, stair steps and even into the individual balusters. Lighted post caps can be used as a decorative accent to bring out your own individual character and style. From brightly lit, to subtle mood lighting, incorporating low voltage lighting into your new deck is a great idea.


If you are going to spend any time on your deck, you’ll need a place to sit and relax. When you have company join you on your deck you may find that your comfy deck chairs are all taken, that is when built-in seating is really appreciated. You can add a conversation area with built-in seating or even benches with storage underneath.


You can never have too much storage, which is why manufacturers have come up with clever new ways to add storage space to your deck, like a hinged trap door in the deck flooring. There are also practical ways to add storage, like enclosing the bottom of bench seats and adding hinged tops to create built-in storage compartments.


You should feel comfortable and relaxed while spending time on your deck, so to make your deck more of an intimate place to unwind, consider adding a privacy fence. If you are on a busy street or very close to your neighbor’s house, a little privacy can be a good thing. If you have a spa or a pool connected to your deck, a privacy fence can turn your deck into a personal retreat where you can escape from a stressful world.

Custom Features

Limited only by your imagination (and your budget) there are endless options available when it comes to adding custom features to your deck. One new trend in deck designs is to use 2 different colors of deck boards to create an accent pattern on your deck. Of course you can use your own inspirations to take this concept to a whole new level by turning your deck into a work of art. From outdoor living rooms, kitchens and entertainment areas, to a private paradise with a pool, spa or pergola; a deck can transform your home and how you spend your time. Do something positive for you and your family, add a custom deck, so you can expand your living space outdoors in style and comfort.

We will be glad to help you select the perfect options to personalize your deck! Just call Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC at (612) 999-5306 or click on contact us to get started.

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